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Wire Connectors & Tensioners

Splicing Sleeves

Packaged 100 per box, these splicing sleeves are convenient and easy to use for splicing 12.5 gauge high tensile wire. Use three to splice two wires together. Only two splicing sleeves are required on end loops.

100 Splicing Sleeves
1: $14.25
2-9: $12.99
10+: $11.68

See also:
- Crimping Tool
Crimping Tool

Multi-groove hand tool used to press splicing sleeves.

Crimping Tool

Jumbo Gripples

Use Gripples in place of crimps. Gripples connect and tighten wires at the same time. They are easily applied using the Gripple Tightening Tool.

Jumbo Gripple

Gripple Tightening Tool

New design!  Smaller tool is easier to handle when working in trellis systems.

Gripple Tightening Tool

In-Line Wire Strainer with Heavy Clip

Tough ratcheted strainers used to adjust the tension of wire.

In-Line Wire Strainer with Heavy Clip
1-99: $3.65
100-499: $3.43
500+: $3.19

See also:
- Strainer Handle
Strainer Handle

Handy tool used to tighten wire strainers.

Strainer Handle


The Gallagher is a permanent on-line wire strainer that can be installed anywhere on the wire. It can also be used to splice wires together.

Gallagher On-line Wire Strainer
1-24: $2.70
25-75: $2.60
76+: $2.50

Gallagher Ratcheting Rapid Tightening Tool

It's fast and easy to achieve the exact tension you require with the rapid tightening tool. Its compact design makes it easy to use in confined areas and fine adjustments are possible without slipping into reverse.

Gallagher Ratcheting Rapid Tightening Tool


For easy splicing of 12-13 gauge wire. No tools required. Simply insert the wire into each end of the Wirelink™ and you have a splice.


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