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Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Electronic Pruners and Chain Saws

Limb-Lopper™ Hydraulic Orchard Pruner
This heavy-duty pruner has a 1.75 inch cutting capacity with full 360 degree swiveling extension. It is lightweight and has a heat barrier grip and full trigger guard. Available in 60 inch extension lengths, it is the finest hydraulic pruner available. Weight: 7.7 pounds. Operating pressure: 1,000-2,000 psi. Flow range:4-6 gpm.

Limb Lopper Hydraulic Orchard Pruner

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Hydraulic Hoses and Quick Couplers

Limb-Lopper™ Long Reach Chain Saw

With three lengths available, the Limb-Lopper™ long reach chain saw cuts hard to reach branches quickly and easily. A Super Spool™ selector control allows for use on open and closed center systems. Insulated fiberglass extension tubes are lightweight and strong. Other features include an anti-kickback chain, automatic chain oiler and a rugged high torque gear motor. Safety features include a two-step trigger, trigger guard and fully covered sprocket guard. Available overall lengths are 62.5, 75 and 88.5 inches. Weight: 8.25, 8.75, and 9 lbs, respectively. Operating pressure: 1,000-2,000 psi. Flow range: 5-8 gpm.

Limb Lopper Long Reach Chain Saw
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Hydraulic Hoses and Quick Couplers

Hydraulic Hoses and Quick Couplers
A set of two hydraulic hoses for pruners and saws are sold in 8' lengths, complete with quick couplers.

Hydraulic Hoses and Quick Couplers

Electrocoup F3010

Electronic Pruning Shear


Vine Pruning:

   The new ELECTROCOUP F3010
 is the ideal tool for vine pruning. It is the only pruning shear with the advantage of an electrically adjustable half-aperture setting on the device. This saves considerable time on all small and medium cutting operations.
   The F3010 is the electronic pruning shear with the largest cutting capacity on the market, with a large aperture of 56 mm.  It also gives you the option of two operating modes :
   1 - "Pulse" mode allows you to work at maximum speed.
   2 - "Proportional" mode gives extremely precise control of blade movement, according to the pressure exercised by your finger on the operating trigger.
   Battery Autonomy can be up to 2 days work without recharging.


Orchard and Tree Pruning:

   The F3010 is the reference in electronic pruning tools in arboriculture and forestry pruning work, thanks to its great cutting capacity, its power, and interchangeable pruning heads depending on the size of the wood pruned.
   The F3010 can be fitted with a range of telescopic extensions from 1.20 m. to 11.5 ft. giving access to branches up to 16.5 ft. from the ground.
   The pruning shear is controlled by a micro switch inserted in a sliding trigger handle fitted to the carbon extension.

Infaco Electrocoup F3010

Technical specifications

Weight of shear and electronic system
830 g (1.83 lb.)
Weight of battery only
2400 g (5.3 lb.)
Weight of waistcoat and cabling
500 g (1.1 lb.)
Maximum blade opening
56 mm (2.2 in.)
Half Aperture
35 mm  (1.4 in.)
Maximum cutting capacity
40 mm (1.57 in.)
Battery voltage
48 V
Charger Feed Voltage
230V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
Battery pack autonomy
Over 8 hours
Charging time
5 hours
Battery warranty
12 months
Warranty against manufacturing faults:
12 months

Electronic advances which make
all the difference:

Nouvel Afficheur LCD

  • LCD display
  • Battery level display
  • Work efficiency display
  • Electronic blade positioning adjustment
  • Cut counter
  • Electronic adjustment of half aperture


2 Modes of operation:

Optimize the lifespan of your blades thanks to the electronic blade positioning adjustment system.


Electrocoup Extension Poles

The F3010 can be used with a range of extension poles specifically designed. The system is controlled and activated by a micro switch incorporated into a sliding handle on the carbon pole.  Easily add or remove the extension based on your pruning needs.


12 months warranty

Short - PF120 - 1,20 m - 4 feet
Weight : 1,8 kg



Medium - PF120 - 1,20 m - 6 feet
Weight : 1,8 kg


P7T120 Telescopic - 3.95' - 5.9':  $374.10
P7T180 Telescopic - 5.9' - 9.1':  $408.90
P7T210 Telescopic - 6.9' - 11.48':  $487.20

Felcotronic 800

All of the quality of a Felco hand pruner is available in a durable electronic pruner.  Powered by a heavy-duty rechargeable battery, the Felcotronic can be easily worn with the comfortable backpack style harness which features simple wires to connect the pruner to the electric motor.  The pruner comes complete with all the pieces you need to begin pruning immediately without the need for a air compressor or hydraulic pump.  Price includes carrying and storage case.  Also available in right and left-handed models.

Felco 810 Felcotronic
Select Model:


Maibo / Campagnola
Campagnola Victory Pneumatic Shear

The VICTORY shear is the latest in innovative technology 15% stronger and 3.5 ounces lighter than previous shears. With the use of carbon techno-polymers Campagnola has obtained the best weight to power ratio you can find on a pneumatic shear. The result is an excellent cutting capacity at an extremely reduced weight. The shear is available hand-held or with an extension pole.

Campagnola Victory Pneumatic Pruner

Campagnola Victory Pneumatic Shear


Campagnola SE-4 Pneumatic Pruner
The SE-4 is a rugged and lightweight shear built for speed, easy handling, and precision cutting of fruit trees and ornamentals. It is advisable to use the shear with an extension pole for better reach and accessibility. A telescopic extension pole is recommended for even greater flexibility. Shear has a 1.5 inch cutting capacity and requires 140 psi. Available models are outlined in the table below.

Campagnola SE-4 Pneumatic Pruner and Extensions
Select Combination:

SE-4 Handheld Shear $430.00
SE-4-04T Shear on an aluminum telescopic pole (overall length 5'8" to 7'3") $795.00
SE-4-06T Shear on an aluminum telescopic pole (overall length 6'7" to 11'1") $848.00
SE-4-04 Shear on a 3'4" aluminum pole $655.00
SE-4-06 Shear on a 6 foot fiberglass pole $656.00
SE-4-09 Shear on a 9 foot fiberglass pole $673.00
Campagnola ST-3 Pneumatic Chain Saw

The ST-3 pneumatic chain saw combines great power with extreme lightness. The saw has a 10 inch bar and cuts up to 7 inch limbs. The model ST-3-06T is equipped with a telescopic extension pole featuring variable length adjustment and can be fully extended to an overall length of 11'8". A tool mounted in-line-oiler is available for automatic lubrication of the motor, bar and chain. Models available are outlined in the table below.

Campagnola ST-3 Pneumatic Chain Saw and Extensions
Select Combination:

ST-3 Handheld Chain Saw $759.00
ST-3-04T Chain Saw on an aluminum telescopic pole (overall length 5'3" to 7'8") $1060.00
ST-3-06T Chain Saw on an aluminum telescopic pole (overall length 7'2" to 11'8") $1095.00
ST-3-04 Chain Saw on a 3'4" aluminum pole - $915.00
ST-3-06 Chain Saw on a 6 foot fiberglass pole $940.00
ST-3-09 Chain Saw on a 9 foot fiberglass pole $955.00
Campagnola LB-10 Pruning Compressor
Campagnola pruning compressors are heavy duty commercial units designed to operate a full line of pruning tools effectively and at maximum efficiency. The compressors are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of outdoor pruning. The LB-10 is a lightweight, compact unit designed for ease of transport in the work area. It can be carried on an all-terrain vehicle or in the bed of a box trailer, utility vehicle, or small pickup truck.

Maibo LB-10 Compressor

Campagnola LB-10 System Packages

The LB-10 system packages are designed exclusively for the one and two operator pruning crew. Each package includes pruning shear(s), a model LB-10 compressor, and 50 foot hose(s) with fittings.

Campagnola LB-10 System Packages
Select Package:

LB-10-41-04 SE-4 shear on a 4' extension, LB-10 compressor, 50' hose $1,790.00
LB-10-41T-04T SE-4 shear on a telescopic extension (overall length 5'8" to 7'3"), LB-10 compressor, 50' hose $1,920.00
LB-10-42-04 2 - SE-4 shears on 4' extensions, LB-10 compressor, 2 - 50' hose $2,330.00
LB-10-42T-04T 2 - SE-4 shears on telescopic extensions (overall length 5'8" to 7'3"), LB-10 compressor, 2 - 50' hoses $2,590.00
LB-10-21 Super Star 2 handheld shear, LB-10 compressor, 50' hose  $1,525.00
LB-10-22 2 - Super Star 2 handheld shears, LB-10 compressor, 50' hoses $1,798.00

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