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Grafting Supplies

Grafting Tool

Manufactured from fine alloy steel to make clean splits. Does not tear the bark, or split the stub too far. The spreader is the correct shape and size for practical work. Designed for cleft and inlaid grafting. Length - 12 inches

Rubber Budding Strips

Self-releasing rubber strips provide fast application, even pressure and great protection. Sold by the pound.

Grafting Tape

Used in bandaging tree wounds, in top working trees by the whip-graft method and in shield budding. Quantity discounts given for orders over 12 rolls.

Permacel Cloth Tape $9.85

3/4" x 60 yds.

4 Gauge x 1/2" x 300'
1-11: $3.15 / 12+: $2.97

2 Gauge x 1/2" x 800'
1-11: $2.91 / 12+: $2.69

4 Gauge x 1" x 300'
1-11: $3.25 / 12+: $2.89

Felco Victorinox Fruit Tree Budding Knife
Felco Victorinox Fruit Tree Budding Knife

Fruit tree budding knife with curved blade and bark lifter. Black nylon handle with solid brass lining.
Thumb supporter 0.5 in. Stainless steel blade 1.8 in.


TINA horticultural knives are known the world over for excellence of workmanship. TINA knives are the highest quality, precision knives available to the horticultural industry. Every TINA blade is hand forged and each handle is individually carved and shaped. It is well known that TINA cutlery needs less resharpening. A superior edge-holding quality saves valuable time and promises a perfect cut.
Tina T-605 Grafting Knife


The most famous and popular Tina grafting and all-purpose knife has a 2-1/2" blade and four inch walnut handle perfectly shaped to fit your hand. Comes left or right handed.

Right-handed Knife

Left-handed Knife

Tina T-685 Grafting Knife



Ideal for making cuttings, this stationary grafting knife measures 6-1/4" in overall length and has a 2-1/4" blade.

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